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Why you should eat your weeds

I went outside for a walk today with a tupperware bin and looked for medicinal plants. I quickly found Indian paintbrush (also useful for making dye), wild daisy, woodland strawberry, and purple hyssop. According to traditional medicine: Indian paintbrush is applied topically as a poultice to alleviate rheumatism and arthritis. Leaves and flowers are made into a tea to regulate menstrual cycles, alleviate menstrual cramps, and address other reproductive health issues. It can also be applied as a poultice to provide localized relief. Tea of the leaves and flowers can also be used to treat indigestion, bloating, used as a digestive stimulant, used to treat coughs and bronchitis by clearing the respiratory tract, and can also be used as a hair treatment. Wild daisy has natural anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties that can be used to treat wounds. The tea is known to treat coughs, bronchitis, aid digestion, soothe skin conditions like eczema when applied topically, and provide mild pain relief. Woodland strawberry leaves can be made into a strong infusion and used as a mouthwash to treat gum disease and promote oral hygiene. Fresh leaves and juice can be applied to the skin to treat acne, eczema, and other skin conditions. Leaves applied to wounds are anti-septic. Purple hyssop is considered a general tonic to improve overall health. Tea made of dried leaves and flowers acts as an expectorant to clear mucus and ease breathing, promotes better sleep, reduces anxiety and stress, reduces inflammation, and promotes a healthy gastrointestinal tract. It can also be made into a tincture. An economist will tell you that the government inflation target, usually about 2%, is used to encourage people to spend money and increase the flow rate of capital. Now, after decades, the medicinal methods we knew for our environment have been forgotten in exchange for processed nature wrapped in cheap industrial byproducts (supplements), quite possibly because the economic policy is designed to wrap every bit of value in an industrial profit-driven process, despite nature providing a healthier and more fulfilling way of life. And our leaders have the gall to tell us that they need a deficit to address the climate crisis. Just yesterday, my grandpa was showing me his plan to burn down the beaver damn to lower the water level so I can collect the yellow lotus roots below the waterline. Roots and leaves of lotus can be made into a tea to treat fever, diarrhea, promote liver and spleen function, and improve reproductive function. While I was down by the damn, I noticed tinder conk (a fungus) growing a dead tree, which can be dried and ground into a powder to promote healing and stop bleeding for wounds, treat gastrointestinal issues, treat inflammation, urinary tract infections, coughs, bronchitis, and asthma. Behind my house there is a birch tree with chaga growing on it. Chaga boosts the immune system, reduces inflammation, acts as a nootropic, helps with conditions like gastritis, supports liver function, helps with symptoms of old age, and can be added to grease to treat psoriasis and eczema, or it can be bathed in for whole body support. It also makes a great base for a tea or soup. Birch leaves and sap can be used to treat skin conditions and is used in hair care. Tea, sap, and bark can be used to treat digestive conditions, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, and edema. Birch leaves and bark can be used to treat fever, arthritis, rheumatism, infections, bronchitis, and cough. Everyone should learn the natural medicine around them. Disclaimer: this is not medical advice.

The Secret Cancer Cure + Commentary

Professor Rosalie David, at the Faculty of Life Sciences, said: “In industrialised societies, cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease as a cause of death. But in ancient times, it was extremely rare. There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer. So it has to be a man-made disease, down to pollution and changes to our diet and lifestyle.” We are poisoning ourselves and industrial society cannot keep going as it is. Autism as well, used to be effectively unheard of, but is now commonplace. Chronic illness has skyrocketed over the past 30 years. I don't find it unreasonable to suggest that the way humans live will be radically altered over the next 40 years and it will not come easy, politically or personally. It means we will bear the political consequences and must learn the skills necessary for a better existence within our environment.

The West Misunderstands Putin

Putin can't go to war with NATO (the West is right on that point), but he's not being given an option. Western forces are ramping up the support for Ukraine as progress stalls and Russian forces see significant gains. Putin's perspective is that he is already at war with NATO because he's fighting Western arms from Western funds. The West sees it as a question of Ukrainian sovereignty. Ukraine is independent, it should be able to defend itself, even against the threat of a nuclear weapon. Western leaders have blocked all communication channels for a ceasefire under the naive assumption that Ukraine can win back all the territory and everything will be merry. Putin now is threatening to launch a nuclear bomb in Ukraine. Putin thinks he's at war with NATO, a war he can only win with nuclear weapons. The Russian army vs NATO with sanctions would smoke Russia's forces 99 out of 100 days unless there are nuclear weapons. Nukes are the only defense Russia has against a major conflict with NATO. Remember, Putin went into the war telling his people that Ukraine was becoming too friendly to the West and needed to be stopped from joining NATO. He can't go back to his people and say we lost, Ukraine got all their territory back, and they're going to join NATO. It's a Western fantasy. He will drop a nuke first. He is pleading to the West to take his warnings seriously, but Western leaders think he's bluffing. He is being given no choice but to demonstrate that Russia is a force that needs to be respected. His only way to do that is to drop a nuke. The Russian people don't take kindly to being embarassed on an international stage. Neither did the Germans before WW2. It's why Russians care so much about winning at the Olympics, or having the best chess players. The Russian mentality is suicidal. They still love Stalin after he killed 20 million of his own people because Stalin made the Russian people seem formidable. The Russians will die before they look like cowards. That's why Putin's only choice is to win territory in Ukraine or drop a nuke. I think WW3 is about to begin. According to Russian newspapers, Putin does too.

Impending Nuclear Apocalypse

An atomic blast releases three types of radiation: beta particles, neutron radiation, and gamma rays. After a few days the only radiation are neutron radiation and gamma rays from radioactive fallout. It's believed most people outside cities would survive the initial blasts. There will also be a nuclear winter, estimates show it could last from days to a decade, making it extremely difficult to grow food. Everything will be poisoned from fallout. I already have the basics: air filters, water filters, geiger counters, gold, guns, 6 months worth of canned foods, etc. Many would survive up to this point, but come out realizing they have no source of clean water, food, and are already on the brink of death. Most would later die from radiation poisoning, cancer, starvation, or conflict over resources. It's believed that after two years, almost everybody would die. Given the current war in Ukraine and it seemingly not having a resolution, nuclear war is more concerning every year. It is irresponsible to consider something potentially so devastating as irrelevant to our everyday concerns. The fact is that preparing a little can significantly increase your odds of survival and something everyone should do. As much as we don't like to think about it, it could actually happen. **WHERE ARE THE TARGETS?** In the case of a full-blown nuclear exchange, if you live in Europe, The Middle East, North America, Russia, China, Korea, or any countries in proximity, you are at high risk of being a direct nuclear target. The goal of a nuclear exchange isn't to kill as many people as possible in the blasts, but to make the aftermath as hellish as possible for the survivors. Primary targets will be military bases, major cities, and intermediary infrastructure. The aftermath will be absolute anarchy, as people are killed over shoes and canned beans. **WHO'S PREPARED?** There isn't a comprehensive list. Switzerland has fallout shelters to house her entire population. **ARMOR YOURSELF** Conflict over resources will be a major tension in a post-apocalyptic world. You want to protect yourself, not only from the potential of violence, but also radiation exposure. You want to be bulletproof. You want to be radiation resistant. Hydrogenated Boron Nitride Nanotubes (H-BNNTs) are 100x stronger than steel with best-in-class protection against neutron radiation. And unlike other ultra-high-strength materials, H-BNNTs are astonishingly easy to manufacture in bulk and spin into sheets. They're typically used to reinforce other materials and can be purchased in a powdered form for that purpose. What I'm going to do is buy a full body cooling garment as an underlayer and build an exolayer of radiation-resistant plates. It sounds kind of silly, but in a radioactive world you need to protect cover yourself or you will probably get sick and die. This can only be done with impractically heavy layers or by using cutting-edge materials. H-BNNTs are also hydrophobic so radioactive matter won't stick to you. They also self-heal. Another reason this is an absolute must: unless sufficiently protected, nuclear radiation can make you impotent. People will provoke you if you have things. Being resistant to small bullets with armored plates is invaluable. I'll also build a helmet I can screw air filters into. Consider the predicted mortality causes: radiation poisoning, cancer, starvation, or conflict over resources. An armored suit of such specification would effectively protect against radiation poisoning, cancer, and conflict over resources. It's remarkably valuable and there is no substitute. How to make BNNT according to Jun Hee Kim et al.: "Ball milling is a promising technique to synthesize BNNT at industrial scale with low cost. In principle, direct reaction between boron and nitrogen in ambient conditions can be stimulated by introducing defective or amorphous structure in boron starting powders. This transformation is easily done by applying sufficient amount of mechanical energy that is controlled by several parameters such as milling time, and intensity (round per minutes). Therefore, the quantity of BNNT can be immensely produced in a typical run. This process is dependent on the milling time that could be extended to hundreds of hours, and the subsequent annealing of treated boron powder has an essential role in the formation of BNNT." **BE SCARY AF** Suppose your starving and have no weapons. You see someone walking and eating an apple from the bushes. If they don't look armed, you might want to jump them and steal their food. If they're wearing a full bullet-resistant armor suit with a semiautomatic rifle strapped to their back, you might think twice. **SOURCES OF FOOD** What are the best sources of food during the nuclear winter? Your neighbors and pets, and not in the way you'd like to think. You might not be able to grow anything outside. Sourcing energy for a greenhouse will be exceptionally difficult. People will also try to kill you if you do have food. You can mill flour out of cambium, the inner layer of tree bark, to make bark bread. You can also grow mushrooms and nutritional yeast. Dinner a la oyster mushrooms, nutritional yeast, bark bread, and bat meat. Not bad given the circumstances. Other than that, you're pretty much hopeless. There is no easy answer to the problem of finding food. Clean water can be sourced from a well or collected from the condensate of boiling water. **WHERE SHOULD YOU HIDE?** When you learn that nuclear war has been initiated, you should consider the amount of time you have, and go to your basement or another underground dwelling before the blast. It's important to stay underground for a 2-3 weeks, then you can come up and assess the circumstances. Make sure you have a geiger counter to assess your exposure to radiation. **WHO'S IN CHARGE??** The government would collapse. Some places would remain untouched by direct nuclear bombing. Countries in Africa, South America, Australia, South East Asia, Oceania, and of course Antarctica, may remain safe. Getting there would be a top priority. Aid packages may also arrive, but probably not. Every country would be suffering it's own ecological crisis as a result of radioactive material carried by weather. There is also the possibility of haven cities that were not destroyed by blasts through shear luck. READ THE ROAD. Gangs will block the roads to take your things, but if you can't survive by yourself, it would be wise to try to find a haven city. **NUCLEAR FANTASY** Some places could be hit REALLY hard. In America, England, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and other major targets, it would be a mistake to assume that society will ever be remotely similar. Some people hold out hope for gov aid. It won't be coming. The government will collapse. As Einstein said, WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones

A Solemn Recognition of The World

The entire world is one industrial-social complex. Let's face it, we're slaves. A slave is someone who must serve another for an adulterated form of life, liberty, and property. Every single person who lives in modern society is by some extension in service of another for their needs. Tracing back the development of our condition is a history of mass servitude to a ruling class. In preindustrial civilization, a large portion of the population was categorized as a classical slave. Moving up the class hierarchy, people were given a greater degree of independence to influence the world around them and their social standing, but to that measure served the same institution as the slave. In the postindustrial world, the most productive economies consist of an educated and independent populace. Eventually, it became feasible to envision civilization controlled by the people, legitimate only by social contract. It was believed that such a civilization would be resistant to the contamination of slavery. But, to be afforded even the most basic dignities of life, we must still be in service to the needs of the enslaving apparatus. If you own land, you must pay property taxes to the government you serve to further encroach upon you. If you do not own land, you must work to make money to pay for a place to live and pay the government again. If you do not, you are homeless, which is illegal. If you break the law, you are put in prison, which is an even more hellish form of classical slavery. The only difference is that the modern enslaving apparatus benefits more from an educated and economically mobile population than it does from a form of classical slavery. You're free to be mobile, but the enslaving apparatus quickly colonized the entire planet so you can't leave. We've confused classical slavery as the only kind of slavery. If you feel free as you are, it is only by coincidence, and if you try to exit the enslaving apparatus, your only is choice is to hide from it in the most remote stretches of the planet. We no longer have the right to total self-reliance, which was once taken for granted. **TRAJECTORY OF THE MODEST SOUL** Consider the trajectory of the modest soul. The modest soul will listen to their parents, their teachers, and all those adults who have their true interests at heart. They will pursue higher-education, perhaps the study of STEM or Liberal Arts. It is here we find unexpected tragedy. The modest soul will find themselves in debt, indoctrinated by a ridiculous education system that's destroying an entire generation, and become a productive member of a society that poisons it's population, censors ideas, and is fundamentally evil and subjugating in a host of ways. It wasn't always like this, and perhaps was acceptable, that is until recently. What's next? The modest soul gets married, that is if they can in a dating pool full of disappointment and the sheltered expectations of a bygone era. They have children, but most marriages end in less than a decade. They've reached their 30s, are divorced, and their body is fading because they were taught that an average and unhealthy lifestyle is acceptable, as well as due to unnatural difficulty determining which food actually is healthy. They put their kids who already don't respect them into the education system where they'll be taught the most ridiculous ideas about how to behave and be a decent person. Maybe their kids will dye their hair, or dress ridiculously, or self-harm, all because of psychological phenomena caused by a corrosive civilization. At this point the modest soul will be in a dire situation that they were never equipped to handle. By the time they're in their 40s, they'll have accepted they're expired well past their physical prime and their life has been a history of disappointment and failure, with the occasional modest and inconsequential victory. For their masters, they will have generated millions of dollars, for which they still find themselves financially dependent, pay-check to pay-check. Will they ever retire? Maybe, but modestly at best. They will lack the respect of their family, they will look back on their life without confidence, and live for trivialities. Due to their poor health standards, they live a life with chronic illness and struggle to afford the medication they need, which also comes with negative side-effects. When they die, their family will be burdened by the obligation of a funeral. Lives such lived are a hallmark of our civilization. The inability for the average person to attain even a moderate well-being has a devastating impact on the society we call ours. Yet, it isn't ours, it's *their's*, because we have built a system in which we are slaves to each other. In places once free, people were healthy and served only their community. Their contribution was solely voluntary. People attained a natural level of satisfaction far greater than is commonplace today. While their trials were greater, they were prepared to succeed and found a greater respect for themselves and love amongst their kin. Today, communities are fractured and hierarchically organized to exploit each other in an industrial-social complex, encouraging disintegrity through lateral relationships. **INDUSTRIAL-SOCIAL COMPLEX** After the COVID vaccines first came out, I asked my Biology teacher if they were safe. She told me they're the safest vaccines ever made because of the mRNA platform. According to the CDC's *COVID-19 Vaccination and Non–COVID-19 Mortality Risk*, "this report describes lower non-COVID-19 death rates among COVID-19 vaccinated people." They say the vaccines make you healthier. They say everyone over 12 years old should get vaccinated. But, the CDC says the vaccines are entirely safe? They aren't, it's propaganda. We've been mislead, censored, and poisoned, a consequence of the industrial social complex. According to a military study I can't find anymore, pulmonary embolisms are up as much as 900% in the vaccinated population. In certain age groups, all-cause mortality is up as high as 40%. How do you make money in pharmaceuticals? Increase the rate of chronic illness, which has been happening rapidly since the late 80s. Leaked emails show Fauci conspiring with top officials to avoid their conversations being accessible through the freedom of information act. They poisoned us. When I was in student government we were working on a vaccine rally to get people vaccinated. I'd read reports about heart issues caused by the vaccine and raised the issue that we should at least inform people of the potential side-effects. In a vote that was 57-3, they voted to deliberately mislead the public and say the vaccine was entirely safe. I'm running out of space here, but my point is that these things don't make sense unless people have hidden agendas they aren't accountable for.

Technological Singularities of The 21st Century

A technological singularity is a technological advance that would radically transform society in ways that cannot be predicted. For example, **AGI**, the idea being that sufficiently powerful AI can make itself more capable and continue the trend at an unpredictable rate. As the machine becomes more capable, it is more able to make itself increasingly capable. Another technological singularity that can be expected in the 21st century is due to the rapid advancement of **quantum computing**. Unlike classical computing units, called transistors, which scale in performance linearly, quantum computing units, called qubits, scale 2^n, where n is the number of qubits. For every qubit you add to the system, the performance doubles. Quantum computers are currently limited in size due to *noise*, interference in the computation, but they're improving rapidly. IBM unveiled the largest quantum computer with 1,121 qubits, with plans to build a 100,000 qubit system by 2033 ( A 100,000 qubit system will be able to solve problems not possible on any existing computers. While Quantum computers aren't faster for all problems, there stands a substantial problem set with a potential for quantum speed up. A quantum computer of this size would spark a revolution in chemistry and physics simulation so profound that it would be a technological singularity. Another technological singularity we can anticipate is the point at which **virtual reality becomes indistinguishable from physical reality**. Remember, don't go into the matrix. Imagine a world in which people are abducted and placed into a simulation. They wouldn't even know. They could then be used for reproductive farming. There is also **rapid advancement in anti-aging**, to the point in which the first person who will never die has probably already been born. The dynamics of a society with people who have spanned an unnatural number of generations is unknown. There is also the possibility of a **breakthrough in physics** that would lead to capabilities we currently don't know are possible, similar to the quantum revolution of the 20th century, which enabled the atomic bomb and a host of other revolutionary technologies. We can also anticipate a biological singularity, in which science allows the development of deadly pathogens that can target certain groups. The future of war may not be firepower, but combat will highly deadly pathogens. Why blow up a country when you can kill it's population and leave it intact? **CONCLUSION** In his famous work *INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY AND IT'S FUTURE*, the Unabomber argued that industrial society will eventually collapse, causing never-before-seen devastation on a civilizational scale. Luddites and Amish are examples of people who are skeptical of technology as a means to improve society. I won't go into the arguments here, but perhaps technological society will collapse, leading to a religious civilization that is highly skeptical of technology. Also, worth pointing out is the possibility of an ecological singularity. A solar flair of sufficient intensity could destroy every electrical system on the planet, an event that cannot be predicted. The agricultural economy would collapse, causing mass starvation on a global scale, leading to a civilization skeptical of technology. It would also be naive to leave out the possibility of nuclear warfare. My goal is not to terrify you but to point to out that we live in a civilization highly exposed to risk. Recall the myth of Pandora's box. God gives Pandora a box and tells her to never open it. Curiosity gets the best of her and she opens it, letting out all the evils of world, and at the bottom of the box she finds hope. We're quickly opening boxes that we don't know the contents of. It seems likely to me that the 21st century will be the most consequential in the history of civilization. We live in truly special times.

Third Paradoxist Manifesto by Florentin Smarandache

Therefore, don't enforce any literary rules on me! Or, if you do, I'll certainly encroach upon them. I'm not a poet, that's why I write poetry. I'm an anti-poet or non-poet. I thus came to America to re-build the Statue of Liberty of the Verse, delivered from the tyranny of the classic and its dogma. I allowed any boldness: - anti-literature and its literature; - flexible forms fixed, or the alive face of the death! - style of the non-style; - poems without verse (because poems don't mean words)- dumb poems with loud voice; - poems without poems (because the notion of "poem" doesn't match any definition found in dictionaries or encyclopedias) - poems which exist by their absence; - after-war literature: pages and pages bombed by filthiness, triteness, and non-poeticality; - paralinguistic verse (only!): graphics, lyrical portraits, drawings, drafts... - non-words and non-sentence poems; - very upset free verse and trivial hermetic verse; - intelligible unintelligible language; - unsolved and open problems of mathematics like very nice poems of the spirit - we must scientificize the art in this technical century; - impersonal texts personalized; - electrical shock; - translation from the impossible into the possible, or transformation of the abnormal to the normal; - pro Non-Art Art; - make literature from everything, make literature from nothing! The poet is not a prince of ducks! The notion of "poetry" and its derivatives have become old-fashioned in this century, and people laugh at them in disregard. I'm ashamed to affirm that I create lyrical texts, I hide them. People neither read nor listen to lyrical texts anymore, but they will read this volume because it's nothing to read! However, the Paradoxist Movement is neither nihilism, nor disparity. The book of the non-poems is a protest against art's marketing. Do you writers sell your feelings? Do you create only for money?? Only books about crimes, sex, horror are published. Where is the true Art? In begging... . You may find in this book of uncollected poems everything you don't need and don't like: poems not to be read, not to be heard, not to be written at all! Enjoy them. Only after nuisance you really know what pleasure means. They provide a mirror of everybody's infinite soul. Art, generally speaking, is pushed up to its last possible frontiers toward non-art, and even more... Better a book of blanc pages, than one which says nothing. A very abstract and symbolic language is further used, but very concrete at the same time: non-restrictive verse from any form or content. It takes advantage of cliche against itself. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE, THEREFORE: THE IMPOSSIBLE TOO! Hence don't wonder about this anti-book! If you don't understand it, that means you understand all. That is the goal of the manifesto. Because Art is not for the mind, but for feelings. Because Art is also for the mind. Try to interpret the un-interpretable! Your imagination may flourish as a cactus in a desert. But, The American Manifesto of the PARADOXISM is especially a revolt of the emigrant to the United States who doesn't speak English, against the language - an anti-language book written in more than a broken English (the American speech of Tomorrow?)... [From the book: NonPoems, by Florentin Smarandache, Xiquan Publishing House, Phoenix, Chicago, 1991, 1992, 1993; the volume contains very experimental so called , such as: - poems without verse; - poems without poems; - poem-drafts; - drawn-poems; - poems in Pirissanorench (language spoken in the South-West of the United States by a single person); - super-poems; - graphic poems; - upset-poems.]

Function of the American Political Body

The American Federal Government has been weaponized against dissent, media is increasingly censored and controlled, foreign interests have an unprecedented influence on political power, and many politicians are extorting money from their policy influence. **Media Censorship/Bias** There used to be a law called the Fairness Doctrine that required media sources to report the news without political bias, but it was eliminated in 1987. There has been a rise in partisan news coverage since, resulting in isolated groups and a brewing resentment and distrust between them, manifested in congressional activity. It used to be there were two parties and they worked to balance each other, but now they act like single-party interests warring against each other. Traditional news sources not only compete on narrative, but try to discredit each other along party lines. On the other hand, there is the new world of social media, so party interests have turned to censoring certain narratives, on which the House Committee on The Weaponization of The Federal Government wrote an 880 page report called *THE CENSORSHIP-INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX: HOW TOP BIDEN WHITE HOUSE OFFICIALS COERCED BIG TECH TO CENSOR AMERICANS, TRUE INFORMATION, AND CRITICS OF THE BIDEN ADMINISTRATION*, which says it all. **Foreign Interests** In 1970, a Soviet journalist named Yuri Bezmenov defected to the United States. He claimed the Soviet Union was executing a long-term plan to subvert American society. Currently, there are several foreign entities with their mits in American pockets. Russia has been accused of election interference several times. China has also been accused of large-scale espionage and interference. TikTok was recently banned in America over concerns of it being an extension of Chinese Communist Party and a mechanism of social subversion. Reading the law that banned it, it also extends FISA, the governments surveillance program for foreign and domestic citizens, but nobody reports that. From the House Committee on Oversight: “We found 170 major bank violations. These were from six major banks, and they alleged that the Bidens were, among other things, money laundering, and receiving suspicious wires from state-owned entities. […] The bank is alleging that the Bidens took a suspicious wire from the Chinese government, and then laundered it through these shell companies. Many laws were broken there.” Personal investments by legislators tend to significantly out-perform investors on Wall Street. It's believed that they're insider-trading and no longer represent the needs of the people. They can still get elected because there's a one-party mentality created by the isolated news sources. Everyone thinks the other side is shit, but in reality, both are shit. **Wokeism And Useful Idiots** Wokeism is a nuanced cultural movement with good intentions and awful consequences. Google's Gemini explains Wokeism: "Wokeism is the promotion of liberal progressive ideology and policy as a way to express sensitivity to systemic injustices and prejudices. It's also defined as a set of theories that revolve around "identity, gender, and race". The core principle of wokeism is to "reveal and condemn concealed forms of domination"." Disaster comes wherever people start identifying as Woke. In San Francisco and Seattle, where Wokeism first took root, the homeless population and crime rate have skyrocketed. Wokeism attempts to address systemic issues and prejudice: disproportionate incarceration rate for black males, income inequality between men and women, but disrupts meritocracy to do so. In attempt to reduce the black population in prisons, they stop enforcing laws, because black people do commit significantly more criminal activity on a per-capita basis. When the laws stop being enforced dangerous people are empowered and kept out of prison. They sell drugs, they steal, and communities fall apart. Substance abuse becomes prevalent, homelessness, prostitution, etc. In Seattle, someone can defecate in the middle of road and not get arrested. You can shoot a gun at someone and walk out of prison that night with no bail. You can shoot up heroine in public and the cops will watch you do it. You can set up homeless tents outside schools. The laws go unenforced. When the Mayor of Seattle was asked in 2019 about the devastating crime rate, he said he's a firm believer we can't arrest our way out of this problem. After police brutality gained widespread public attention due to the George Floyd murder, even though an autopsy revealed he had a clinically lethal dose of fentanyl in his blood, Woke protesters championed "defund the police" as the crime rate was rising. In justice, police brutality is a problem and needs to be addressed as well. The axiomatic flaw of Wokeism is that meritocracy is seen as a concealed form of domination. The incentive is not to do better, but to appear more disadvantaged, so people act crazy. Insanity is mislabeled as virtue and compassion. Because it doesn't make any sense, Wokeism is often antagonistic to free speech as well. I call Woke people useful idiots because they're loud about their ideology and easily taken advantage of by ideas against their own interests. **Why you should care** Since WW2, America has basically acted as world ocean police, ensuring the security of international free-trade. America has one of the largest collections of nuclear weapons. America is the greatest force in NATO. America is always on the cutting-edge of science and technology. The NSA is probably spying on you. These problems will make it to Europe as American import.

America is falling apart

Over the past two decades, America has transformed from a functional republic to a klepocratic republic fueled by information censorship and deep-state interests. The level of political polarization is at an intensity only paralleled by the civil-war era of the 1860s. It is so bad, if I were unfamiliar with the situation, I wouldn't believe me. 8 years ago it was completely different. I understand there are other nations under far greater distress, but America is in a unique kind of decline, not seen anywhere else, serving as a warning to other liberal democracies in the 21st century. In Seattle, Washington, the streets are littered with homeless drug abusers with tents propped up in EVERY park and EVERY street. The democracy is dysfunctional. Take a look at this video of a city meeting in Seattle: Citizen 1 to council members: "Will you manage these camps? Will you enforce the law?" Council Member: "If property damage or violence is committed you need to call 911." Citizen 2 to council members: "You've lost all credibility when you say ... you said two words, you said call 911. Do you understand that the police have told us to vote you all out so they can do their jobs, and you're telling us to call 911. You're smiling! You think this is funny, you think it's funny the way we're living?" People cheer with their signs that say "**LISTEN TO US**." It's been 5 years and the problem has only worsened. Policy decisions seem conspiratorially designed to destroy the nation. Petty crimes are almost entirely unenforced. Political violence has been normalized. The Department of Justice has become weaponized for political purposes. Substance abuse has never been worse. National security is in crisis. The majority of Americans don't trust the elections. The school systems are failing. "Our K-12 public education system is not designed to be effective in student learning, educator performance, or the effective utilization of money. Devoid of accountability, it will never effectively educate our children. It would be more accurate to describe our public education system as our country’s largest adult employment program." - Donald Nielsen, Senior Fellow and Chairman, American Center for Transforming Education The scope and speed of America's unraveling is unprecedented and difficult to emphasize enough. If I wanted to destroy the country I would do everything that politicians are doing. I've linked a document at the bottom from a Republican House Judiciary Committee outlining constitutional violations and censorship of true information from the existing presidential administration. The document is almost 900 pages long, but to summarize: it's a horrible situation. **LOOMING THREAT OF CIVIL WAR** Donald Trump is the first president in American history trying to defend his innocence in court. He's also running for re-election. He lost the last election, criticized it's integrity, and mobilized his supporters to break into the US capitol, killing four people. In a recent interview he said he hasn't ruled out the possibility of political violence if he loses again ( America is also facing what I consider to be the worst migrant crisis in her history. The borders are completely open, which the FBI director called a major national security threat. For 4 years the president has been complicit with an open-border policy, repeating the lie that he doesn't have the presidential authority to fix the problem. It's not that I'm advocating an anti-immigration stance, but it's believed that tens of thousands of foreign military nationals have crossed the border, in what some have labeled a "planned invasion." Also, the worst substance abuse and homelessness crisis in American history. Streets of major cities are overrun with tent encampments and drugged out "zombies," as people call them, because they roam incoherently with necrosis of their flesh from a drug called xylazine, also known as Tranq. There are widespread reports of mentally-ill homeless people attacking pedestrians in major cities. This movie was made depicting an American civil war in 2024 According to Gallup News, the approval rating for Congress is 18%. I haven't talked to a single person who's told me they think a civil war in 2024 is implausible. **CONCLUSION** There is A LOT that I haven't gone over, but America is in freefall. The system has been hijacked by a kleptocracy and cultural subversion. For many Americans, the 2024 election is their last hope to see the system work. Most people plan to vote not for their preference, but against who they're afraid of being in power. I don't know how to explain to it to myself, it seems surreal.

Accelerating Team Human

As the solar eclipse moved across America today, there was a timer. Maybe nobody was watching it, but it was there. I created it. At the moment of eclipse totality a job search site called Blackflag was quietly released with the hope of improving the way teams are built. One small step in a larger mission to change the role technology plays in the evolution of our society. One small step in a larger mission to accelerate team human. It's a vague and ambiguous mission for a reason. Much talk has been made recently over accelerationism philosophy. For example, Effective Accelerationism (e/acc) is a philosophy of maximizing energy consumption and compute by exponentially improving technology to improve society. In response there has been debate over the increasingly negative impact technology has on society and some have asserted humanism. I think it's an interesting commentary because, while there have always been those who imprint virtues to actions, if ethics is how to act, the introduction of technology and deemphasis of the human condition on ethics is an almost formulaic way to calculate the demise of team human. Modernism symbolizes either Leviathan or "god is dead." What do you call the intersection of science, technology, and society? There is science, which we consider rigorous thought. Then there is technology, which is the application of science. Technology is in direct contrast with our relativistic field of social studies. The relationship between society and technology is unclear, but clearly present. Of course, if I were not a technologist, I would not be building technology. Perhaps to more aptly summarize: the mission of Blackflag is to expand the the role society plays in technology, while minimizing the interference of technology on society. It is a non-political mission, though it may be seen as ideologically driven to a form of environmentalism and accelerationism. To begin, Blackflag is providing a free publicly-available job search engine that is the start of a larger effort to improve the quality of our organizations and teams. While Blackflag will be a commercial organization, it's symbol and likeness are public domain. * note will be moved to, for which I am awaiting delayed ICANN verification.