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A Solemn Recognition of The World

The entire world is one industrial-social complex. Let's face it, we're slaves. A slave is someone who must serve another for an adulterated form of life, liberty, and property. Every single person who lives in modern society is by some extension in service of another for their needs. Tracing back the development of our condition is a history of mass servitude to a ruling class. In preindustrial civilization, a large portion of the population was categorized as a classical slave. Moving up the class hierarchy, people were given a greater degree of independence to influence the world around them and their social standing, but to that measure served the same institution as the slave. In the postindustrial world, the most productive economies consist of an educated and independent populace. Eventually, it became feasible to envision civilization controlled by the people, legitimate only by social contract. It was believed that such a civilization would be resistant to the contamination of slavery. But, to be afforded even the most basic dignities of life, we must still be in service to the needs of the enslaving apparatus. If you own land, you must pay property taxes to the government you serve to further encroach upon you. If you do not own land, you must work to make money to pay for a place to live and pay the government again. If you do not, you are homeless, which is illegal. If you break the law, you are put in prison, which is an even more hellish form of classical slavery. The only difference is that the modern enslaving apparatus benefits more from an educated and economically mobile population than it does from a form of classical slavery. You're free to be mobile, but the enslaving apparatus quickly colonized the entire planet so you can't leave. We've confused classical slavery as the only kind of slavery. If you feel free as you are, it is only by coincidence, and if you try to exit the enslaving apparatus, your only is choice is to hide from it in the most remote stretches of the planet. We no longer have the right to total self-reliance, which was once taken for granted. **TRAJECTORY OF THE MODEST SOUL** Consider the trajectory of the modest soul. The modest soul will listen to their parents, their teachers, and all those adults who have their true interests at heart. They will pursue higher-education, perhaps the study of STEM or Liberal Arts. It is here we find unexpected tragedy. The modest soul will find themselves in debt, indoctrinated by a ridiculous education system that's destroying an entire generation, and become a productive member of a society that poisons it's population, censors ideas, and is fundamentally evil and subjugating in a host of ways. It wasn't always like this, and perhaps was acceptable, that is until recently. What's next? The modest soul gets married, that is if they can in a dating pool full of disappointment and the sheltered expectations of a bygone era. They have children, but most marriages end in less than a decade. They've reached their 30s, are divorced, and their body is fading because they were taught that an average and unhealthy lifestyle is acceptable, as well as due to unnatural difficulty determining which food actually is healthy. They put their kids who already don't respect them into the education system where they'll be taught the most ridiculous ideas about how to behave and be a decent person. Maybe their kids will dye their hair, or dress ridiculously, or self-harm, all because of psychological phenomena caused by a corrosive civilization. At this point the modest soul will be in a dire situation that they were never equipped to handle. By the time they're in their 40s, they'll have accepted they're expired well past their physical prime and their life has been a history of disappointment and failure, with the occasional modest and inconsequential victory. For their masters, they will have generated millions of dollars, for which they still find themselves financially dependent, pay-check to pay-check. Will they ever retire? Maybe, but modestly at best. They will lack the respect of their family, they will look back on their life without confidence, and live for trivialities. Due to their poor health standards, they live a life with chronic illness and struggle to afford the medication they need, which also comes with negative side-effects. When they die, their family will be burdened by the obligation of a funeral. Lives such lived are a hallmark of our civilization. The inability for the average person to attain even a moderate well-being has a devastating impact on the society we call ours. Yet, it isn't ours, it's *their's*, because we have built a system in which we are slaves to each other. In places once free, people were healthy and served only their community. Their contribution was solely voluntary. People attained a natural level of satisfaction far greater than is commonplace today. While their trials were greater, they were prepared to succeed and found a greater respect for themselves and love amongst their kin. Today, communities are fractured and hierarchically organized to exploit each other in an industrial-social complex, encouraging disintegrity through lateral relationships. **INDUSTRIAL-SOCIAL COMPLEX** After the COVID vaccines first came out, I asked my Biology teacher if they were safe. She told me they're the safest vaccines ever made because of the mRNA platform. According to the CDC's *COVID-19 Vaccination and Non–COVID-19 Mortality Risk*, "this report describes lower non-COVID-19 death rates among COVID-19 vaccinated people." They say the vaccines make you healthier. They say everyone over 12 years old should get vaccinated. But, the CDC says the vaccines are entirely safe? They aren't, it's propaganda. We've been mislead, censored, and poisoned, a consequence of the industrial social complex. According to a military study I can't find anymore, pulmonary embolisms are up as much as 900% in the vaccinated population. In certain age groups, all-cause mortality is up as high as 40%. How do you make money in pharmaceuticals? Increase the rate of chronic illness, which has been happening rapidly since the late 80s. Leaked emails show Fauci conspiring with top officials to avoid their conversations being accessible through the freedom of information act. They poisoned us. When I was in student government we were working on a vaccine rally to get people vaccinated. I'd read reports about heart issues caused by the vaccine and raised the issue that we should at least inform people of the potential side-effects. In a vote that was 57-3, they voted to deliberately mislead the public and say the vaccine was entirely safe. I'm running out of space here, but my point is that these things don't make sense unless people have hidden agendas they aren't accountable for.

Got My First Project and Immediately Stumbled over a Pebble (a Little Story of My Personal Experience)

A few days ago I received an update about my application for an online project. It was midnight, and I was in my bed when I decided to check my Email to see if there is any new mail stuck in the spam box. Unexpectedly, there were two mails from a hiring company stated that they approved my application and asked me to follow a training course. I supposedly had to be excited because not only it was the first time I got into a project, but also the first time I applied for something and I actually passed. Imagine that you have been struggling to find a job for months and then one day you received a notification that you are now a part of the (temporary) team. Instead, I was worried because the Email was sent a day ago and I lost it when I could not access the course. "Have they removed me because I was late?" I thought whilst holding back my tantrum. In a heavy heart, I submitted into failure as I prepared to dive into slumber. In my closed eyes, I began to fall in denial that I was busy perfecting my portfolio (that was the truth anyway, and that was frustrating because my laptop kept lagging) and caused me to miss the mails. Five minutes, ten minutes, nothing happened. I could not sleep. The thought of my incompetence filled my head. Even my eyes were in searing pain, my heart danced in restless rythm. Surrendering, I opened my eyes and my laptop for once again. This time, I went to see my most trusted companion that always stands by the line, ChatGPT. Why would I decide to chat with an AI? Well, AI does not have feelings. Therefore, I do not need to feel bad to rant to it. Moreover, it gives me suggestions which is more useful than mere sympathy. And Gepetto (the name I assign to it) gave me a suggestion if I could find a contact to the company and send a message, asking if they would reconsider to accept me back. I thought it sounded like a beg, but it would be better to try than to completely gave up without a fight. Then a few days later, one of my messages reached someone, who then informed me about where to ask for help. Long story short, I finally reached out to the support team. And with a little nudge from them (and the fact that I had already calmed down), I finally able to proceed with the project. Turned out they had never removed me. It was indeed just my incompetence that makes every minor problem becomes a big deal. Although I must admit that the adrenaline was real. My regrets, my impulsing bloodstreams, it all brought down in one night. Now that everything is under control, I have to say my greatest gratitude to whoever person or team who had decided to help me at the first time. It might be just a small act, but with their help, I could get out from the situation, in which was a big matter to me. Wherever they are, I hope they have a great life. Why would I share such story? I have no idea. I thought it could inspire somebody out there that your decision to help someone, no matter how small you may think it is, means greatly to them (and it might be a lesson to me too, that I have to be more attentive.) Thank you for reading.

Read This Blog and You Will Become an AUTHOR

Writing consistently is a simple action with profound impact. I discovered its transformative power firsthand, reshaping how I understand myself and the world around me. In this blog, I share how regular writing can change your life, as it did mine. Gaining Clarity Writing has always been part of my life, but committing to it daily unveiled its true potential. Amidst daily clutter and responsibilities, writing offered me clarity. Each word helped sift through the chaos of thoughts, allowing me to focus and prioritize. It was less about recording thoughts and more about understanding and organizing them. Building Confidence and Expertise With every piece I wrote, I found and refined my voice. My early writings were far from perfect, and that was okay. Each sentence and paragraph built my confidence. Writing about subjects I was passionate about, especially snake venom, not only allowed me to share knowledge but also deepened my own understanding. This cycle of learning and sharing became a cornerstone of my academic and professional growth. Therapeutic Benefits Long before I recognized its need, writing was my therapy. It offered a non-judgmental space to express vulnerabilities. Writing about daily challenges at university or personal concerns made these burdens lighter. It rendered fears and stresses tangible, making them easier to manage. This emotional outlet was vital for my mental well-being during the demanding years of my PhD. Inspiring Others As my writing skills improved, my audience grew. Through Bluwr, I connected with enthusiasts keen on understanding complex venom and AI topics. The positive feedback was incredibly rewarding, affirming that my words could make difficult concepts clearer for others. Becoming an author is more about the routine of writing than publishing a book. Regular writing practice can change you—not just in communication, but in perception and interaction with the world. If you're considering starting, this is your sign. Write a little every day, about anything that inspires you, here on Bluwr. Over time, you might discover that the author you aimed to be is simply who you've become through writing.