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I am the CEO, co-founder & Head Software Architect of Bluwr. I am also a researcher specialized in AI for Biomedical applications.


How Bluwr is optimized for SEO, Speed and Worldwide Accessibility.

TL;DR: Bluwr is Fast & Writing on Bluwr will help you get traffic. We made some unusual choices while building Bluwr. In an age where front-end web development means Javascript frameworks, we took a *hybrid* somewhat old-school approach. Our stack is super lean, fast, and optimized for ease of maintenance and search engines. ---- Most of the website is served statically through python Jinja Template and we use Javascript when interaction is needed, for these cases we use Vue.JS, 100% homemade vanilla JS and JQuery. For looks we use Uikit and in-house custom made CSS. These choices allow us to have a lighting fast website and have great benefits for our writers. Because most of Bluwr appears as static HTML, articles appear first, readers never have to wait for them to load, and search engines have no difficulty indexing what's on This makes everything you write on Bluwr easier to find on the internet. It also means that loads fast even on the worst of connections. Something noteworthy as even a slight delay in loading can significantly reduce the chances of your article being read. Our goal is to make Bluwr accessible to anybody on the internet, even on a limited 3G connection.